KIDSTAGE Originals Festival - Not So Grim

KIDSTAGE Originals Festival – Not So Grim

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Written by: Aresa Berry, Colin Bixler, Kallen Pishue, Matthew Bratton, Peyton Noreen, and Tyler Kinnaman
Writing Mentor: Danielle Mohlman
Composing Mentor/Music Director/Audio Editor: Adam Quillian
Director: Eric Polani Jensen
Video Editor: Anna Vraney

Show Synopsis: In a world where death is hardly the end, Not So Grim explores the business of harvesting souls while poking fun at humanity’s oldest fear: Death. MC, a young reaper with stars in their eyes, learns to follow in the footsteps of their parent’s entrepreneurship and whisk away the departed into the depths of the underworld. But everything changes when they refuse to kill Sunny, a pessimistic human who’s lost her zest for life. Now torn between two fates, MC and Sunny embark on a hellish highway to find a way out of their contracted destiny. As these staffers of the underworld sing peppy, irreverent tunes in contemporary musical styles, this soul-chilling musical explores how one can find their purpose, deal with parental expectations, and vanquish all who stand in defiance.

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