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Teaching Artist Apprenticeships

Village Theatre KIDSTAGE seeks individuals (18 and above) who are passionate about arts education for the Teaching Artist Apprenticeship program this summer. The Teaching Apprenticeship program supports the development of outstanding “teaching artist” professionals by providing a structured program of training, coursework, and extensive in-class and hands-on learning experiences. Apprenticeships translate the KIDSTAGE philosophy of “Skills for Theatre … Skills for Life” into classroom technique.


Apprenticeship programs are available in Issaquah and Everett Washington and include:

  • A progressive learning experience that culminates in designing and executing curriculum as “lead” teacher for a full week of camp
  • Daily mentorship from experienced theatre arts educators
  • A week of intensive training led by KIDSTAGE Education Managers, with an emphasis on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) teaching practices and curriculum development
  • 15-30 hours per week spent in the classroom assisting experienced theatre arts educators, plus 5-10 hours per week supporting set-up, student check-ins, and other administrative tasks
  • The development of teaching skills applicable to career opportunities in education
  • Opportunities to work with youth of all ages and skill levels in a high-energy, creative environment

Apprenticeships are paid positions with an average of 200 hours across eight or nine weeks, depending on location and the summer camp schedule for that year.

Application Schedule

  • Applications are accepted year-round. We generally fill positions by the end of March each year.


  • Apprenticeships are paid at WA State minimum wage.

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Skills for Theatre… Skills for Life
To provide a personal development program for young people which uses theatre arts:

  • To teach creativity and responsibility
  • To encourage teamwork and personal integrity
  • To foster self-esteem and appreciation for live theatre

Everyone benefits from an inclusive, multi-cultural environment of students, staff and programming. We welcome people of every ethnicity, race, faith, sexual orientation, gender identity, income and ability.

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