Village Theatre DEIA Policies

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility


Theatre lies at the intersection of storytelling and community. The stories we tell represent and influence our shared human experience. We believe that in order to tell these stories authentically, it is essential to employ equitable practices that are inclusive of and led by a diverse and culturally rich community. Village Theatre has a responsibility to mindfully support and design the impact these stories have on the audiences we serve, the artists we engage, the students we nurture, and the staff we entrust. Centering Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility in our work allows us to create a storytelling space that welcomes, celebrates, and honors all people.


Village Theatre is on an intentional journey to dismantle structural and institutional racism within our organization. To this end, Village Theatre has created a collection of foundational DEIA commitments. These commitments are ongoing, evolving, and will uphold accountability and continued dedication in our DEIA work.

We have organized our commitments into three representative categories, which encompass all facets of our theatre: ON OUR STAGES, BEHIND THE SCENES, and FOR OUR AUDIENCES.

Village Theatre recently completed a leadership transition, bringing in new Managing and Artistic Directors. This work will continue to be reviewed by them as they complete their first year and guide the organization’s priorities moving forward.

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