Village Originals is one of the most comprehensive new musicals programs in the country. Made up of residencies, readings, developmental productions, and full productions, this unique program works with shows in every stage of the writing process, giving nationally recognized authors the resources and talent they need to create dynamic new pieces for the musical theatre repertoire. Village Originals Members and Beta Series audiences are an integral part of the process, giving writers and composers much needed feedback and input as their work continues to evolve.

Northwest Creator Residency Program

Village Theatre announces open submissions for its new Northwest Creator Residency program, seeking Seattle-area Black, Indigenous and POC artistic creators of all experience levels, including but not limited to writers, composers, performers, choreographers, directors, designers, and producers, to begin work on any element of a new musical. If you make any kind of performing art we want to hear from you. We are interested in fostering your humanity as an artist and are not specifically interested in any one particular project. Creators will be chosen based on their artistic vision and residency goals. Artists are encouraged to bring their unique voice and point of view to their project and to create what is most present in their artistic spirit at this moment.

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