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Technical Theatre Program (TTP)

The Technical Theatre Program (TTP) provides hands-on experiential learning, mentored by professionals, in a wide variety of theatre disciplines.

TTP opportunities allow students to learn theatre industry vocational skills such as direction, design, and management. Using theatre arts, TTP teaches creativity and responsibility, encourages teamwork and personal integrity, and builds self-esteem.

TTP Apprentices develop a customized learning plan and are provided strong and consistent mentorship by theatre professionals as they learn theatre skills for enriched lives and career opportunities. Participants develop a broad-based appreciation for live theatre promoting positive values through art. Students may take advantage of a progressive learning experience that can potentially lead to paid positions. Most students start as Entry Level Apprentices, but the exact placement of each individual will be determined through the application and interview process based on experience and ability.

During the summer, TTP students are typically expected to be at the theatre Monday through Friday during the afternoons and early evenings, but schedules can vary by department and position.

During the school year, TTP students are assigned to a show and follows the show rehearsal and performance schedule.



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Skills for Theatre… Skills for Life
To provide a personal development program for young people which uses theatre arts:

  • To teach creativity and responsibility
  • To encourage teamwork and personal integrity
  • To foster self-esteem and appreciation for live theatre

Everyone benefits from an inclusive, multi-cultural environment of students, staff and programming. We welcome people of every ethnicity, race, faith, sexual orientation, gender identity, income and ability.

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