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Bring Village Theatre KIDSTAGE classes to your after-school program. Providing a variety of curriculum for PreK-9th grade, KIDSTAGE programs expand valuable life skills such as collaboration and critical thinking, while developing confident actor/creators in an atmosphere that encourages fun, commitment, and taking creative risks in a safe environment. Our classes can be scheduled quarterly or year-round.

Popular classes include:
  • Story Drama (Elementary): Bring your favorite books and movies to life in this magical class featuring theatre games, creative storytelling, and crafts. Exploratory acting classes provide literature-based drama activities that promote literacy comprehension, confidence, collaboration, and creativity.
  • Character Creations (Elementary): Build characters from the ground up using your voice, body, expressions, and imagination. Be inspired by characters from your favorite books and movies. Students will expand valuable life skills such as ensemble building, self-confidence, and problem-solving while developing their capacities as actor/creators and creative collaborators in an atmosphere that encourages fun, commitment, and taking creative risks in a safe environment.
  • The Actor’s Toolkit (Middle School): Develop your personal actor’s toolkit of imagination, facial expressions, voice, gesture, and body language. Use popular characters and stories as your inspiration to delve into theatrical movement, vocal exercises to help you protect and project your voice, techniques to fine tune your concentration, and expand and support your imagination.
  • Improv (Middle School): Learn the true meaning of “yes and…” in this fun and energetic class! Thinking on your feet is an essential (and FUN) life skill for all 21st century learners. Expand your capacity to “stay in the moment,” listen and respond honestly, and trust your instincts. Play lots of short and long-form improv games and learn the importance of the who, what, and where in building a scene.
Cost for KIDSTAGE Satellite Classes

We are committed to providing pricing comparable to other after-school programming at your school. Please call for pricing information. Payment plans and financial assistance available for all programs.


Janet Cole Hamilton
Senior Education and Outreach Manager
(425) 392-1942 x227 or


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Skills for Theatre… Skills for Life
To provide a personal development program for young people which uses theatre arts:

  • To teach creativity and responsibility
  • To encourage teamwork and personal integrity
  • To foster self-esteem and appreciation for live theatre

Everyone benefits from an inclusive, multi-cultural environment of students, staff and programming. We welcome people of every ethnicity, race, faith, sexual orientation, gender identity, income and ability.

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