KIDSTAGE Jasper in Deadland Dramaturgy

Two young people fall through an opening in the earth to an unknown location.

Show Synopsis

When the living world seems like too much, Jasper and his best friend Agnes always have each other. Dealing with pressures from school and their parents leaves them searching for understanding and love. When Jasper wakes up one morning and cannot find Agnes, an adventure to reunite begins with a dive into the swirling vortex of another land in the waters of Deadland. On his adventure, Jasper explores the underworld, meets interesting and dangerous people, and faces the demons within himself.

Themes and Resources

In further research and to provide our artists with context for the circumstances and environments of their characters, resources were provided about the difficulties they faced. These resources have also been provided here for context around these issues and ways that the community can recognize and help those in need.

Character Synopsis

Additional information has been provided by the show’s dramaturg, Rowan Gallagher to provide further insight to these characters based in mythology.

Show Synopsis *Spoilers*

Jasper in Deadland is an fairly experimental show that combines and alters the mythos of a myriad of ancient cultures, as well as many highly topical modern themes and situations. While fascinating, this kind of multifaceted adaptation can be very difficult to follow on a first viewing. This write-up’s purpose is to help you, the audience, follow the action should you get a little lost in the tessellated world of deadland.

Show Synposis with spoilers


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