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KIDSTAGE Work Exchange Application

KIDSTAGE offers financial assistance to families in the form of scholarships and Work Exchange. If you believe you might qualify for a need-based scholarship, please consult our separate Financial Assistance Form.

What is Work Exchange? Work Exchange is typically a need-based financial aid award. Work Exchange students work a set number of hours in an assigned position in exchange for a portion of show, camp, or class tuition. It is not a grant (you must work to earn it), and it is not a loan (you don’t have to repay it). Work Exchange is also an important part of KIDSTAGE programming as Work Exchange positions include Teaching Assistants (TAs), Administrative Assistants, and more.

Who can apply for Work Exchange? Any student (8th grade and up) currently enrolled or planning to enroll in KIDSTAGE programming may apply for Work Exchange. Work exchange positions are awarded on the following criteria: 1) financial need, 2) the ability to do the job or task at hand.

Work Exchange funding is limited, and we may be unable to fill all funding requests. For best consideration, please apply as soon as possible. You may apply for only one class or show per student, per session.

Registrations that accompany a Work Exchange request are not confirmed until KIDSTAGE has received a completed application.

Work Exchange for Productions: Students applying for a work exchange credit towards a production tuition, MUST apply for Work Exchange immediately after being cast in a show. Students who wait until after the show is in rehearsals or performances may not receive an award and will be expected to make a payment plan for the full tuition cost.

Applicants understand that if awarded a Work Exchange position, they must agree to:

1. Return all scheduling phone calls/messages within a 24 hour period

2. Be available to work for 2-4 hour blocks of time on the premises of Village Theatre

3. Complete all work exchange hours by August of that year.

4. Take responsibility by signing in/out and initialing work hours in the Work Exchange Binder. Only hours that have been initialed will be counted toward the total.

6. Agree to pay the full tuition if any of the above conditions are not met.


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