KIDSTAGE Originals Festival - Dumb Club

KIDSTAGE Originals Festival – Dumb Club

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Written By: Elsa Miller, Jackie Moyle, Mia Basulto, and Sydney Coe
Writing Mentor: Porscha Shaw
Composing Mentor/Music Director/Audio Editor: Elisa Money
Director: Janet Cole Hamilton
Video Editor: Nicole Boliaux

Show Synopsis: Two students at Gildermore High — Matt, the jock and star of the soccer team, and Jace, Matt’s childhood friend — decide to start a ‘dumb club’ to explore Matt’s newfound fascination with a brand-new tabletop role-playing game: Castles and Chimeras. In order to meet the school’s club requirements, they recruit several classmates: Layla, a theater nerd; Marnie, a teenage mother; and Jean, a reclusive computer geek. Matt leads them all on a campaign and as conflicts arise, both in the game and in real life, they must learn to not only trust one-another, but ultimately trust themselves.

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