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NWxNW: A New Musical Development Collaboration

Village Theatre and The 5th Avenue Theatre have committed to a three year relationship to support Northwest musical theatre writers. This unique program between the Northwest’s largest producers of new musicals solicited submissions from Pacific Northwest residents of single-frame narrative photos of the Northwest, with images reflecting the robust life, experiences, and people that make up the region. NWxNW supports these multitalented Pacific Northwest-based artists and writers by creating opportunity for cross-discipline collaboration and providing future opportunities for their Northwest stories to be told and experienced outside the region.

The 5th Avenue Theatre and Village Theatre announced on August 26, 2021, the three writing teams that have been co-commissioned to create new musicals as part of Northwest by Northwest (NWxNW) and the first collaboration between the two organizations. The three local writing teams will write a new musical based on one photo of their choosing. Each show will receive a year-long development plan and the photographers received a $500 prize.

The three writing teams include Koryn Orcutt and Danielle Mohlman, who selected a photograph by Beth Easton; Rheanna Atendido, who selected a photograph by Stephen Zapantis; and Claudine Mboligikpelani Nako, who selected a photograph by Maleah Metz.

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