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Northwest Creator Residency Program 2022

Village Theatre is pleased to begin the second year of our Northwest Creator Residency program. This program supports Seattle-area Black, Indigenous and POC artistic creators of all experience levels, including but not limited to writers, composers, performers, choreographers, directors, designers, and producers, to begin work on any element of a new musical. Creators were chosen based on their artistic vision and residency goals.

Eight creators will each receive a residency to begin work on a new piece of musical theatre to be developed in digital residence during the 2021-2022 season plus additional support as needed to continue development including but not limited to table reads, research support, and additional artistic staff to collaborate with (dramaturg, consultant, etc.). This residency program will is produced by Co-Producer Alex Crozier and Associate Artistic Director Brandon Ivie. Timeline of the residency is flexible and determined by the creator.

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