Public Health Update

As of Feb 24, 2021

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2020–2021 SEASON

In the summer of 2020, we had thought our most likely reopening date would be May 2021. As the pandemic continues to provide challenges for gatherings across the country, we have needed to reassess and make alternate plans. While we do not have an exact reopening date, we are now planning for reopening sometime between November 2021 and January 2022.

In order to achieve success in the future, plans we made and productions we love may need to be adjusted or put on hold. While we acknowledge the difficulty that comes with change, the possibilities and returning to the art we love is exciting. The goal is to bring our reopening season plan to you this April, so that you can join us on this journey.

What this means for you as a subscriber:

  • No action is needed at this time. Your season ticket purchase is still valid for the upcoming season.
  • We will share exact performance dates and any changes as soon as they are finalized in 2021. If the new dates don’t work with your schedule, we’ll be happy to move you into dates that do work for you.
  • Until the reopening schedule is solidified, the box office is not processing seat changes or new subscriber seat assignments. If you requested different seats on your renewal, we will review and process your request at that time.
  • If you have questions or wish to discuss, the box office is working remotely and is available at (425) 392-2202 or from 11 am–5 pm, Tuesday–Friday.

Why this decision was made:

  • Singing is a “super spreader” of droplets carrying airborne COVID-19. Even if we could socially distance audience members, it’s very difficult to sufficiently distance performers and crew members. Face coverings are impractical or impossible for singers and pit orchestra wind players.
  • Other performing arts groups have come to similar conclusions. Broadway has announced that no shows will return until at least January 2021. Several regional organizations in Seattle and around the country have postponed or canceled their 2020–2021 seasons. Two theatres in Utah and Texas (non-union) that have resumed musical theatre performances now have confirmed COVID-19 cases in their casts. The professional unions for actors and crew members have strict safety protocols and health metrics that must be met before their members return to work—protocols no indoor venue is yet able to meet.
  • It takes time to put on a show. Unlike touring productions, each Village Theatre show is custom-made and rehearsed right here. We build sets, create costumes, and rehearse starting two to three months before opening night. This work involves dozens of people in a production shop or rehearsal studio, which in turn means there will be a lag between when in-person gatherings are safe and when we can welcome back audiences.

KIDSTAGE is offering in-person and online programming at this time. For the health and safety of all who will be joining us in returning to in-person classes, KIDSTAGE has a set of guidelines and operating procedures that all in-person programming must follow.


The 2020 Festival of New Musicals was canceled. We look forward to updating our patrons about upcoming productions, readings, and more as details about reopening are established. We are thrilled to be supporting residencies and the work of writers during this time.

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