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At the Francis J. Gaudette Theatre
303 Front Street N, Issaquah, WA 98027
Box Office: (425) 392-2202

TRAILS A New Musical

Book by Christy Hall • Music by Jeff Thomson • Lyrics by Jordan Mann

Remember a Dream. Chase an Adventure. Blaze a Trail.

The years have taken their toll on Mike and Seth, two childhood friends who have not spoken in over 10 years. Now, they’re taking on the crazy task of hiking the Appalachian Trail to fulfill a promise made to the woman they both love. In this daring new musical drama, these two friends face the hardships of the hike, while struggling with memories from a past that refuses to let go. With soaring music that will leave you spellbound, discover a brand-new story of love, loss, and the pursuit of the impossible.

March 14 - April 21, 2013

Preview Performance: March 13, 2013
Post-Show Discussion: April 16, 2013
Running Time: 2 hours 15 minutes (including intermission)

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  • Cast
    Joshua Carter

    Joshua Carter*

    Dane Stokinge

    Dane Stokinger*

    Kirsten deLohr Helland

    Kirsten deLohr Helland*

    John Patrick Lowrie

    Trail Guide/

    John Patrick Lowrie*

    Bobbi Kotula

    Trail Guide/
    Momma Harley

    Bobbi Kotula*

    Sarah Rose Davis

    Trail Guide/

    Sarah Rose Davis*


    Mike/Seth: Casey Raiha
    Amy: Sarah Rose Davis*
    Trail Guide/Virgil: Casey Raiha
    Trail Guide/Momma Harley:
    Morgan Pate
    Trail Guide/Faith: Morgan Pate

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  • What Audiences Are Saying

    "Trails touched my heart like no show has done before. Absolutely amazing and... cathartic!" Trails Audience Member

    "Unusual and thought provoking. Not what I had expected, but then I'm not sure what I was expecting. Wonderful cast. Thumbs up." Trails Audience Member

    "I'm a Long Island girl, born and bred, and therefore fortunate to have lived close enough to NY City to have sampled its theatrical offerings. What a surprise, then, to have spent such an "enchanted evening" in your off-the-beaten-path theater experiencing "Trails." This original musical held my heart hostage. The music was captivating, the lyrics keenly insightful, the performances profoundly affecting. Though only six characters graced the stage, I cared about each one, even the mother whom one only hears about but never sees. The themes that inform the production - the pull of home; the secrets, lies, regrets, and guilt we hide inside; the complications of love and loyalty; the decisions we make that change the trajectory of our lives; the pain of loss - are all beautifully presented on a set that whisks us back and forth in time and place. After its debut in the Northwest, I hope this little gem of a musical ends its journey off-Broadway and in regional theater. "Trails" was a love's labor that should not be lost." Trails Audience Member

    "Just wanted to thank you for your courage in bringing new works to the stage. Last night I saw "Trails" with 2 family members. At first, I wasn't sure how much I'd like the show. But the story line drew me in. I especially liked the way the characters' history got filled in little by litte - almost like in Mousetrap! Even though it was a very challenging story to convincingly present on stage, there was something about the raw emotion that was so believable and real. I got teary listening to "A Million Reasons" - and so did my husband!! I also loved the subtle way the orchestra came in and the old engineer character segued from story into song. And the voices blended in exceptionally beautiful harmony. I've enjoyed many good shows at Village Theatre. But there was something about this one that touched me and made me want to write and thank you." Trails Audience Member

    "My partner and I had the good fortune to see Trails on its opening night last week. It is one of the best plays we have seen: it is a great example of how musicals have grown into an art form of storytelling that has meaningful and important things to say. The study of relationships this play presents is insightful and beautifully drawn, and communicates a world view that is thoughtful and thought-provoking. The music, lyrics, and book work together in a sophisticated, not-for-children way that drew us into the lives of the two boys-men and the girl-woman whom they loved, as well as the love they shared with each other." Trails Audience Member

    "We attended "Trails" last night, and wanted to give you some well-deserved kudos. We've been attending theatre productions at many venues in the Seattle area for over 40 years, and feel this one was one of the very best we've EVER seen! The story was good, the performances inspiring, and the SETS were just amazing! We can see this one going on and on, across the country. Good job, everyone!" "Trails tonight was great. Cast nailed it. Incredible staging. Every actor had their moment to shine and did it brilliantly. Refinement may happen, but very impressed. Set, music, lighting perfect. Kinda feels like another next to normal." Trails Audience Member

    "I had the great good fortune to leave my island paradise on Vashon to "head East" to Issaquah for "Trails." Not quite a trek along the AT, but a haul nonetheless. And was it ever worth it! This is a splendid show, deeply moving and brimming with talent. The acting and voices were terrific, the music and lyrics transporting, the staging imaginative and the set remarkably adaptable. Bravo!" Trails Audience Member

    "I think it is a beautiful piece of theatre. It is well-crafted and deeply felt commenting on profoundly human issues. It is entertaining yet quite serious. You cannot get any better than that." Trails Audience Member

    "The shows you know nothing about are always so up in the air. This one was phenomenal, in my opinion. I didn't know what to expect but I was sucked in immediately, blown away by the quality and moved to (a lot of) tears." Trails Audience Member

    "This show is a home run. As always, the set design was stunning, and somehow allowed for almost seamless "time changes" throughout the show. An impressive cast, led by the dependably wonderful Dane Stokinger & the revelatory (to me, at least) Joshua Carter. Boy oh boy oh boy was he great. So glad we saw this show." Trails Audience Member

  • Press
    Heed the Hedonist

    I admit I was a tad skeptical, expecting small, community theatre out of quaint, rural, Issaquah. What I got, however, was a great, bona fide musical production. Heed the Hedonist

    Chosen Magazine

    TRAILS is a visually splendid, lyrically beautiful and thematically resonating new musical currently playing at the Issaquah Village Theatre. A masterful production, it seamlessly blends contemporary themes of love, loss and the pursuit of the impossible into an empathetically entertaining tear-jerker that easily purports a bombastic, awe-inspiring journey. Chosen Magazine

    Director Eric Ankrim has given this work an excellent presentation, with a gorgeous scenic design by Jen Zeyl, brilliant lighting by Robert J. Aguilar and first-rate musical direction by R. J. Tancioco.

    Seattle PI

    John Patrick Lowrie, Sarah Rose Davis and especially Bobbi Kotula – as a red-hot mama – round out the cast and each has a straight scene in which to shine. Jen Zeyl does a terrific job rocky set manages to make best use of the Village Theatre’s small stage while Robert Aguilar’s masterful lighting enables it to change seamlessly from Mike’s backyard to different points along the Trail. Music director R.J. Tancioco brings out the beauty of Thomson’s score and the 6-member orchestra has just the right heft for this charming little musical. Seattle PI

    Seatle Gay News

    It's new, it's different, and it's a worthwhile journey. Seattle Gay News

    Issaquah Press

    Powerful ‘Trails’ is a journey worth taking Issaquah Press

    Broadway World

    "Trails" currently playing at Village Theatre manages to walk off with your heart through some very fine performances. Broadway World

    Bellevue Reporter

    ‘Trails’ touches on love, loss and living Bellevue Reporter

    Talkin Broadway

    Trails Winds Up a Charmer at Village Theatre Talkin Broadway

    Washington Trails Association

    Audience response to Trails has been overwhelmingly positive. There are already discussions of eventually staging it to New York City. In the meantime, Thomson looks forward to catching his breath and hitting the local trails while he’s still in the Northwest. Shepherding Trails to the stage has been a long trek, but well worth the effort. Washington Trails Association

    Issaquah Press

    Trails may easily be the next “Next to Normal.” The Issaquah Press

    Culture Mob

    "The Village Theatre is making good on its commitment to nurturing new musicals." (Trails Preview) CultureMob

    Stage musical 'Trails' to premiere Thursday at Issaquah's Village Theatre (Preview)

    Parent Map

    Spring Arts Preview 2013: Dance, Theater, Music for Seattle Families. Parent Map

    Broadway World

    With dozens of new songs and a newly constructed mountain-sized set (quite literally, it's a man-made mini-mountain!) Village Theatre is embracing the spirit of adventure that encompasses all aspects of the show. Broadway World


    Village Theatre brings "trail magic" to world premiere (Preview) Journal - Your Community Magazine

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